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"He is giving us rice."

Translation:Lui ci sta dando il riso.

4 years ago


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It offered sta dando ci riso as an option, but I'm sure it should be sta dandoci riso. Worse, it won't let me report it as an error, presumably because it already gave me credit. (It just told me I left out a space.)

I'll see if I can get the attention of a contributor.

4 years ago

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(native Italian speaker) sta dando ci riso is wrong: when you put that pronoun after the verb you have to unite them.

"ci" is usually an enclitic particle put behind the verb when this is imperative, participle, infinitive or gerund.

In this sentence both ci sta dando and sta dandoci are correct.

Other examples:

Ci laviamo = We wash ourselves - Laviamoci! = Let's wash ourselves

Ci dai la palla = You give us the ball - Dacci(Da' + ci) la palla! = Give us the ball!

both Non ci parlare! and Non parlarci! = Don't speak to us!

4 years ago