August 25, 2014



This made me laugh because it sounds like she's saying cash and cheese/cheddar used to be (or still is) slang for money.


sounds more like posh than cais :D irish is going to be hard to learn


Its really not (if you've spoken it before or a language like it)but im live in Ireland and speak it so ya...if you find it difficult keep trying(this app is mure fun than lurning it in school im in middel school so ya i have a long way to go)but sam never give up because ypu find it hard i sure you'll be great in irish.


Hi StrayDruid203. I'm in south Florida, USA, just learning Gaeilge now, and im old as dirt, almost (47!). I do envy you a bit... I have to practice pronunciation with me dogs...lol. I like YouTube videos, traditional stuff uploaded from Ireland... especially music videos from the summer program that I guess kids go to over there, to get that community Spirit as Gaeilge. I also like the traditional music videos that have the Irish words on screen...those help me understand the flow and details of how to make the sounds correctly. You are VERY encouraging!

I just wanted to thank you, for being so supportive!!


StrayDruis203, go you! I wish i had that kind of drive when I was in middle school. Never too late to start though! Tá fearr maith gaeilge, ni bearla! Thats all i can say and im only 90% sure on the sentence structure and accents.


Hey so i wanted to ask since u live in ireland, are there many English speaking people there? Or everyone speaks irish or gaeilge

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    The vast majority of the population of Ireland are native speakers of English. Only a fairly small minority are functionally fluent in Irish, though the vast majority have some knowledge of the language as it is a compulsory subject in primary and secondary schools (k-12).


    Seems like they REALLY want me to know how to say cheese


    thought the same thing...


    squee! im a mousie, i like cáis


    Is luch mé: Ithim cáis :D


    I am cat. I like mice. :P


    Me too i LOVE cheese


    You have to pronounce the á like you say ahhhh at the dentist


    it worries me it sounds like 'foot'


    Why does "Cáis" sounds like "Caws" in Welsh?, that means exactly the same.


    Welsh and Irish a both part of the Celtic languages. Makes sense some things may be similar.


    To blow your mind further: the words for blue and green in Irish and Welsh are similar because the original term (glastos) used to cover both blue and green. And if you go even further back, it's distantly related to "yellow", and the name of the Polish currency.

    Etymology is fun!

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