Translation:My house is near the church.

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What is the difference between: "Mijn huis is dichtbij de kerk" and "Mijn huis staat dichtbij de kerk"? When should I use "Mijn huis is" and when should I use "Mijn huis staat". And thanks for the explanation about the difference between "staat" and "ligt".

4 years ago


I guess there is not much difference in meanings. In Dutch, however, people like to describe locations with the verbs "staan", "liggen", etc, as Simius explained below.

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So how do we decide which buildings "stand" at their locations and which ones "lie" wherever they are?

4 years ago

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I think a good rule of thumb is: if it could theoretically fall over, then Dutch likes to use "staan" to describe their location. Buildings, trees and cars are all standing. Towns, parks, rivers, roads and islands lie in their places instead. There are possible exceptions: if a building is low and sprawling, like a mall or something, then one can use "liggen" as well.

Then there is "zitten" (sitting) which is typically used for smaller, more mobile objects.

4 years ago
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