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  5. "Paul drinks water."

"Paul drinks water."

Translation:Ólann Pól uisce.

August 25, 2014



So I tried, Ólann uisce Pól, which was marked wrong. I put this because there seemed to be the pattern of Verb Object Person. But since this was wrong I'm thinking that pattern will only work with pronouns.


I think you are confused by the explanation of the copula 'is' that was used. 'Is' is not a proper verb. The grammars call it a defective verb and it has some special rules. An example: Is múinteoir mé. (I am a teacher) here I am saying that múinteoir and mé are the same thing. I am linking the two words together as the same. But other verbs like 'ól' and 'bí' do not have that same function so the follow the normal VSO word order you'd expect.


Ólann uisce Pól would mean water drinks Paul

[deactivated user]

    Come on guys, this is Ireland, not Soviet Russia.


    Don't go chasing waterfalls... Paul tried and the waterfall drank him...


    Ok, I'm a bit confused about sentence pattern in Irish. Is it like Latin, whereas the subject is always at the back?


    The usual Irish sentence order is VSO — verb first, then subject, then object.

    The usual Latin sentence order is SOV — subject first, then object, then verb.


    An bhfuil an uisce sa chuisneoir?


    Níl! Tá an uisce sa doirteail!

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