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Some questions can´t be reported for having wrong answers

For Spanish,

I have this question:

Mark all correct translations (more than one can be correct)

The letter is mine. 1La carta son mía. 2La carta es mía. 3La carta es mío.

The answer is 2 and 3. However, it says that

Oops, that’s wrong Correct translation: La carta es mía.

There is no option to correct the answer.

August 27, 2012



In this case topicstarter is wrong, 'la carta es mía' is the only correct answer. 'carta' is female, so you must use the female form of 'mío' as well.


for multiple choice, they notice that have probably screwed up, when looking at the statistics (too many get it wrong). no need for such an option. (according to an interview with one of the developers, that was posted on reddit)


I already saw several errors in multiple choice questions, yes, they do exist.

What you could do is make a screenshot and attach it to the general feedback form.

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