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Danish internet resources.

I would like to supplement this course with a good online Danish dictionary, Danish grammar explanations, Danish youtube videos, Danish TV series, radio and TV channels, .. Please post all your Danish related resources in this thread ;).

August 26, 2014



Those are the only ones I could think of right now.


Thank you. I have bookmarked them :-)


Good point! I will heartlessly steal any good resources posted here and list them in the Danish Handbook thread :)



This has the first 7 episodes of Pokerfjaes (with Mads Mikkelsen; I've watched it already...without subtitles):


Also, I know there's a Danish film called "Open Hearts" with Mads Mikkelsen (again, sorry, I'm a huge fan of his)...and it can be found on YouTube (it has English subtitles though).


In Danish, it is called "Elsker dig for evigt", which actually translates to "Love you forever". I love this film!


It is a great film, I thought. I didn't know the name in Danish; thank you.


You're welcome :)


Big fan of Mads myself, I'd also recommend "Flammen & Citronen" and "Adams æbler". You should also check Ulrich Thomsen because he is a really great actor, too. I have a long way til i can watch a danish film without subtitles but i am looking forward to try it someday, for fun :D


I have Flammen & Citronen and Adams Aebler on my Netflix queue. :) I can't understand anything without subtitles, but I'll watch a film of his without subtitles if I can't find it with subtitles.


I agree. "Adams Æbler" (Adams' Apples) is really funny. Dark humour, which characterizes a lot of Danish film.


For those who have a Netflix subscription: use a add-on like Hola to acces the Danish Netflix. The Danes don't dub everything (like the Germans do) but there are some movies and series (like Disney movies and Avatar) that are available in Danish (sometimes even with subtitles). If you want to start at a very easy level: try the Danish Dora the Explorer (if you can struggle through it). If you want a bigger challenge, browse through the Danish category for Danish movies and series. I learned English by watching shows and movies, so I'm gonna try this with Danish as well!


http://www.ordbogen.com -- great english/danish dictionary. Free for 2 words a day and quite cheap afterwards (53 EUR for 3 years for English/Danish dictionary, or about 1.5 EUR/month, when paying for 3 years upfront and using "Basispakken").


Just bought it, thanks a lot ;)


http://danskherognu.dk -- er et gratis online kursus i dansk for begyndere. Programmet er udviklet med støtte fra Ministeriet for Flygtninge, Indvandrere og Integration. Det kan anvendes som lektiehjælp, til selvstudie og dansklærere kan også have udbytte af det.


http://www.cram.com/tag/danish?sort_by=most_studied : Although flashcards are usually not my cup of tea, I quite liked some of the sets listed here. :) There's sound available in many of them (i.e. http://ow.ly/BAFtz ) and the pronounciation doesn't sound bad to me (I guess one of our native speakers should judge this instead though) Enjoy!


In danish are a lot of games for learning. I think that Upjers has very good games and these games are very good for learning: dk.upjers.com


http://sproget.dk is pretty good as a dictionary and for grammar. It's written for native speakers though.


http://fjern-uv.dk/index.php -- many grammar rules are explained here. In danish.


http://vfs.dansk.nu -- danish grammar basics explained in various languages



Thanks for the useful links on this thread.

I'm wondering whether anyone could please suggest a good resource (either online, or a book) with language exercises for beginners? It would have to be something with answers. Language or grammar exercise books aimed at Danish school children might work.

Also, does anyone know whether it's possible to get hold of a book of conjugated verbs along the lines of Bescherelle in French (which I found invaluable when learning French)?



I'm not sure about school books with exercises in them. But, in regards to the conjugated verbs, you can just use the www.verbix.com website. I have found it very useful. It shows all the conjugations of a verb in Danish (or you can choose other languages as well, if you are curious).


You're welcome. :)

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