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  5. "Tá bainne sa chuisneoir."

" bainne sa chuisneoir."

Translation:There is milk in the fridge.

August 26, 2014



Could this not be "milk is in the fridge"?


Yes, indeed it could. You should report it.


couldn't the milk also be ar chuisneoir? just saying cause it gave me the choice


It could be grammatically correct, but if the question for multiple answers were "in the fridge" then "ar chuisneoir" would translate as "on the fridge" and thus be wrong.


Could the translation also be Milk is in a refrigerator? Does "sa" always mean "in the"?


My answer was "Milk is in a fridge" but it was incorrect. Can someone explain why.


"sa" means "in the"


What would be the Irish for "in a" or "of a"?


My answer was 'the milk is in the fridge'. That was marked wrong. I have used answer with the same sentence structure and same words, "there is" and have been wrong. So when do you know whether to use "the or there" there is no distinction?


This really has nothing to do with Irish - it's just a quirk in English.

Take the sentence - "The book is on the table". Now change the definite article from "the" to "a". You could say "A book is on the table", but you will normally say "There is a book on the table". All you have really done is change the article. But English is more comfortable with "there is a thing" than "a thing is".

In the case of "milk", you don't generally use an indefinite article at all, because it's a mass noun. If someone says "I need some milk for my tea", you will usually respond with either "The milk is in the fridge", or "There is milk in the fridge".
tá bainne sa chuisneoir - "there is milk in the fridge"
tá an bainne sa chuisneoir - "the milk is in the fridge"

It's just something weird about English that you're so used to that you don't even notice - the Irish is very straightforward.


True... but in this context I'm trying to apply a rule which I've learnt and now there is a new option which I haven't been introduced to... I'm not complaining, just mentioning it!!


There is no definite article (an) in front of bainne, so it's not "the milk", it's just "milk". The earlier exercises that you encountered translated Tá (noun)... as "there is (a) (noun)..." and tá an (noun)... as "The (noun) is..."

tá bainne sa chuisneoir - "there is milk in the fridge"
tá an bainne sa chuisneoir - "the milk is in the fridge"

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