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  5. "Più penso, meno capisco."

"Più penso, meno capisco."

Translation:The more I think, the less I understand.

May 24, 2013



This looks more like an idiom or a phrase than anything. The fact that "meno" has so many other meaning before "less" doesn't help either.


Sounds like someone struggling with clitics!


I think the English of this should be the more I think, the less I know. Maybe it should be an correct option.


I'm struggling with the word piu` can anybody help me out with how it's used in different sentences as far as structure?


Let's say you have several more minutes before you can leave work. The way you could word that is:

Io ho cinque minuti più prima di io lascio.


I thought 'piu' meant few or less in this sentence it seems to mean 'more'


No, it does not mean few/less, but "more". You can remember it as a word derived from plus. Check these two sites for more info:

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