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Speaker Is Not Showing Up During Lessons

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As of this afternoon I've noticed that the speaker icon is not there during lessons. In other words when the lesson asks you to translate a phrase from Spanish to English the speaker icon isn't there and there is no audible. I first noticed this on my iPad (not the Apple app but the main site through Safari). I concluded that perhaps the problem was somehow associated with the use of the iPad. However I'm now on my laptop and using explorer and I'm still experiencing the same problem. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it perhaps just a glitch that DuoLingo is having right now? Thanks in advance for your answers.

4 years ago



For the past couple of hours, I haven't been able to hear the speaker. It was working earlier in the day but now it doesn't seem to be working.

4 years ago

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SAME HERE, there are several threads about it already, but nobody responds to anything.

4 years ago