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"Hun spiser suppe og et jordbær."

Translation:She eats soup and a strawberry.

August 26, 2014



Why there is "et" before the strawberry, but there is not one before the soup? Sorry if the stupid question.


I believe its because et is "a". You wouldn't say "she is eating a soup". It is kind of weird that there's only one strawberry, but they're trying to keep it simple early on so ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Because you can't count soup. It's the same thing with rice "spiser ris" not "spiser et ris" or juice "drikker sok". You could use "et" if you want to talk about a very specific soup, though, as in "He is eating a soup with onions in it". And you could also make it countable by adding a countable noun, as in "a plate of soup".


Is this how you pronounce the "J" in the beginning of the word strawberry in Danish? I thought it's pronounced more like Yogurt?


I think, it sounds pretty similar. Can you be more specific?


When we say ,,et" and when ,,en"?


"En" is for common genre. "Et" is for neuter genre. You have to memorize which genre is each noun. There is a guide in the first or second lesson Tips in Duolingo online.


There is no "en" in the sentence!


Wait....never mind (i meant et...and now I see it)


Is pp usually pronounced as a b, or is that just the sound file?


"pp" and "bb" sounds pretty much the same.


I wonder why Google Translate thinks it's "en jordbær." No one else seems to.


There are two noun types for "jordbær". "Et jordbær" which is the berry that we pick and eat. And "en jordbær" is a botanical term for the strawberry plant, it is very rarely heard outside very specific situations. Google is not exactly wrong, but they didn't pick the most used translation when algorithm decided on this.


Thanks very much.

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