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  5. "Det er en bog."

"Det er en bog."

Translation:It is a book.

August 26, 2014



This really sounds like it's only saying "De en bog," is the text-to-speech bad, or do I just need to get used to the sound of the language?


Danes are really lazy, so in normal speaking we tend to pull some words togheter


is er frequently "discarded" when speaking?


Yeah, it is. Like if you say "Jeg er træt" (i am tired), it would basically just be said as "Je-træt"


Not wanting to be ungrateful ... but would it have killed them to put in a voice recording?


There is no way I could hear that many syllables :(


Danes tend to kinda stretch some words or almost not even say "er" (is), like when you say "Det er en bog" it's usually said as "De-en bog"


why not this is a book

[deactivated user]

    Why is it "Det er en bog" instead of "Den er en bog"? If "bog" has a common gender and it's called "en bog", shouldn't it be "den" also?


    I mentioned this in another comment, but here: "It [unknown item] is a book = DET (neutral form). Thus, " Det er en bog" might mean, I didn't know what was in my bag, but turns out "It is a book"

    If you know the item of which you speak, you will likely use the appropriate gender.

    It's a question of whether you're speaking of a generic it vs. this specific item


    "Den er en bog" could be right, but then you're most likely to say something like "that one is a book" or "that is a book" instead of "it is a book". There are also more words which use "en" but have "det" (and vice versa) when using a specific term. I don't know the rule for it (or even if there exist a simple one) but I know that at least in Swedish it's very confusing for someone who isn't used to the language when to use "det" and when to use "den". Good luck!


    If Danes are lazy in their speech, why am I penalized for saying it correctly? Would a Denmark native really not understand me just because I pronounced every word like a tourist dork?


    Welcome to the wonderful world of books.



    Okay so maybe I'm just dumb but I still haven't figured out how to put pictures in comments, how do you do it?


    Anyone else who is Swedish and just "LOL" at this.


    Why can't it be "this is a book"?


    "This" translates to "dette/denne" or "det/den her".

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