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  5. "Han er glad."

"Han er glad."

Translation:He is happy.

August 26, 2014



Could we also say "glad" instead of "happy"? As a native English speaker, this is how I am going to remember it.


Correct. Please report it when you find it :)

Danish "glad" covers both English "glad" and "happy".


Though, as a native English speaker as well, I would understand a difference between glad and happy. Glad is being pleased at a result of something (sort of). If someone asks you "how are you" you wouldn't reply "i am glad".


Should be possible, it means the same. If you get an error for it, report it.


phonetically how is glad pronounced? Is sounds like Glow but I dont know if that the voice duo uses or not.


Here is the pronunciation by native speakers. The sound at the end of the word is a "soft D", which is like the "th" sound in "the" in English, but with the tongue behind the bottom teeth.

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