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  5. "Han er en mand."

"Han er en mand."

Translation:He is a man.

August 26, 2014



I know Danish LOVES to muddle a lot of sounds together and eliminate letters all together, so am I hearing correctly? Is "er en" being squished into something like "ern" or "en"?


Yes, especially those short words. So "ern" or with a bit of good will "eren", almost like a short version of the german "-erren" from "Herren".


Interesting tip from knowing German and English: der Hahn = the rooster... a male chicken, therefore 'he'. (han) die Huhn = the hen... a female chicken, therefore 'she'. (hun) We're all chickens!


It's either 'das Huhn', speaking of both hens and roosters but mostly hens probably, or 'die Henne', the hen. Take it from a native german. Articles can be quite confusing here (:


Could this thing speak slowly?


Hover over each word separately to hear it slowly.


Thanks for not misgendering me


I've heard Danish being spoken many times, do Danes (and Danish itself) have a tendency to "skip" over some sounds when speaking? Like French, it's easier to read but harder to speak/listen to. For instance, Jeg er en kvinde sounds very quick and muddled together.


Yes, many danish natives will skip letters. If you keep the letters regular they will still understand. It's kind of like english. We will say yall instead of you all, or can't instead on cannot.


Is everything slurred together in this language?


Norwegian: Han er en mann. Swedish: Han är en man. Icelandic: Han er maður. Finnish: Hän on mies. Danish: Ann Eyrn Meiyn..........


It has been over a year since a post year.

How can I skip a Question and move on. I tried skipping, but it does not allow me at all.

This specific one does not allow the answer "He is a man."

It keeps on saying it is incorrect.

If you are experiencing the same issue and have reported it, did you get any reply from the support team? I really really want to learn Danish as my wife's family is danish.


What happens if I want to say "Han (the name) is a man" ? The entire universe collapses ???


It'd be nice if i didn't have to yell at the app to get it to hear me properly...


It's so fast and muddled in this sentence they might as well just say three quick beeps


I wrote the literal correct solution "he is a man" without error or typo and was told I was wrong.


As of today, my Duolingo suddenly pronounces the examples slowly by default. What's happening? Did I change a setting without even noticing? I would like it to be normal speed by default.


I think the mand part is ez

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