August 26, 2014



A piece of (hopefully) interesting information: the word whiskey is derived from the phrase uisce beatha, meaning "water of life" (which itself is a calque (or loan-translation) from Latin aqua vitae)


Duo showed me uisce three times before I finally heard it pronounced. I was expecting oo-sheh or something, but when I first heard it I thought I heard whiskey, which cracked me up.


How accurate is Ms. Duo's pronunciation with Irish so far? In my experience with the German lessons the pronunciation was sometime off quite a bit. I want to be able to trust it here...because Irish pronunciation is very weird!!

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    The Irish team actually decided on using a real voice! More important info on the Irish course can be found here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4279133


    Thanks! That's the right route to go, imo :)


    Irish orthography is just nuts :P The pronunciations have been good so far, but i imagine if you'd never seen Irish before trying to figure out how the sounds are resulting in the letters on the screen must be fun.


    In this case, fun = constant and extreme frustration. I'll say it out loud, confident I've gotten it right, then Ms. Duo will blow me out of the water :P


    Yes, but the downside is that many sentences still don't have pronunciations, especially slow ones. They're working on them, however!


    It all sounds so beautiful, I'm in love. @-}--}---


    I don't know if I am hearing it correctly but is "ui" pronounced in the back of the throat? I forget what it's called, but in guarani it's the letter y, it's like you clench your teeth and try to make an i sound with your throat.


    Knowing that the Russian 'водка' (vodka) derives from the Slavic word for water, I should not have been so surprised to learn that Whiskey is derived in a similar way from Celtic :D


    i need to know the pronounciation °_°


    can somebody explain to me how to pronounce the different letter combinations?


    Im also having a problem with not hearing the pronounciations until ive encountered the word several times and already have it wrong in my head.


    Happy Patrick's Day!


    Water. This sentence deserves a medal


    The audio for this is broken for me. (Getting an error 403 from the CDN, when I look under the hood.) Does anyone else have trouble hearing this?

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      I'm not hearing audio for this word...


      the clip for this is broken

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