August 26, 2014



That's a very excited voice


Yeah, sounds more like "help!" :-)


It is interesting to note that the first item in this lesson is "Bye!"...


Interesting trivia- It literally means "save" :)


It actually means "health". It's a shortened form of "Slán leat" (lit "health with_you"), hence why it's normally glossed as the similarly shortened "bye", while "slán leat" would be glossed as "goodbye".


Interesting, I didn't know that.


Really? I just got one to SPELL slán 3 times in a row lol


Slán has many meanings, one of which is "bye". sigmacharding and NiallT are correct that it also means "safe" (save) and "health", respectively. It would be helpful if the feedback to a question would elaborate on multiple translations of a word rather than indicating an incorrect answer when a responder has chosen an alternative translation.


when I first learned a bit of Irish it was taught to me as the pair "Slán leat/Slán agat" Health go with you / health stay with you or be saFe/keep safe


She scared me hahaha I got slán on the audio exercise and just after I got slán! like, "You're still here? BYE!"


Slon or slahn? Pronunciation wise.


I typped slàn and it was marked as a typo. Is there any difference between à and á?


Yes. Irish only use the acute accent(á). The grave accent (à) is not used in Irish.


I translated it as "health" and it told me I was incorrect.


Slán = bye Slán...solong... so long. "So long guys, see ya later" = another way to say bye to your buds.


Android tablet how do i get the fada?


There's no point telling me I've done a typo, when my keyboard doesn't have accents


If you're using the web, the accented characters are displayed below the text box - click on them to add the accents, or just enable accented characters on your keyboard - it's a software issue, not a hardware issue.

If you're using an app on a phone, just long-press on a vowel to get the option of an accent.

Accents are not optional in Irish. If you're not using them, you're not spelling the words correctly.


What am i doing on this ive been learning irish fir over 8 yests now i know all this stuff. Yet here i am at 1:15am learninf a language ive been taught already...


If you already now some Irish, you don't have to start at the beginning - you can "test" out at a series of checkpoints so that you can demonstrate that you don't need to go through the early material.


That voice seems excited!!


Do i have to guess the leaning of new words?


Nope! If you are seeing a word for the first time it should be highlighted with yellow amd have a broken underline. You just need to tap (in the app) or hover over (using desktop) the word and it will show a translation for the word.

Unless you are in 'test out' sessions, or it is offering you pictures to offer context.

Hope that helps :)


Literal translation of “safe” was not accepted.


While Duolingo ignores punctuation in your answers, the punctuation in the given sentence is there for a reason. While slán can mean "safe" when used as an adjective, Slán!, with an exclamation point, would not be understood as "safe".

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