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  5. "An bhfuil toradh romhat?"

"An bhfuil toradh romhat?"

Translation:Is there a fruit in front of you?

August 26, 2014



Wow, couldn't understand this person at all. Sounded like "an will ta aroot".


That's pretty much what it should sound like! Sorry that you got used to the wrong way.


Thats what it sounded like to me too.Understanding the grammar is one thing but picking up on what she is saying is quite another.


i hope no one ever asks me whether there's a fruit in front of me


How shakespearean.


Perhaps there is an obvious answer to this but why "a fruit" rather than simply "fruit"?


I am only a learner myself, but my guess is that it is because the Irish question uses "toradh" which means "a (single) fruit," but in English if you say "is there fruit in front of you," the amount is ambiguous.* There could be one single fruit, or a whole basket of fruit, since "fruit" can function as a plural without having to add "s." If asked to translate "is there fruit in front of you" from English to Irish my instinct would be to answer with "an bhfuil torthaĆ­ romhat."

*Or am I incorrect, since "is" is the 3rd person singular form of "to be."


Is there a reason I would not be able to use "Do you have" instead of "is there"?


An bhfuil toradh agat romhat would be "Do you have a fruit before you"


Why wouldn't "is the fruit in front of you?" Be correct


"An" in this sentence is not the article "the", but rather a question marker. So the lack of a definite article "the" in the original is the (frustrating) reason this is flagged as an error in sentences like this.


"An bhfuil an toradh romhat?" = closer to " Is the fruit in front of you?".


Should "Is a fruit before you" also be accepted? I entered that, but it was marked incorrect.

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While it might be technically correct, it's a somewhat tortured construction in English.

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