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  5. "Jeg er en pige."

"Jeg er en pige."

Translation:I am a girl.

August 26, 2014



Hmm, I feel like Duolingo should start including a language's alphabet's pronounciation in the beginning, in the notes. Just because we have the same Latin alphabet, doesn't mean we're pronouncing it the same, and it takes a long time to figure out how certain letter combos are pronounced on your own. :(


I agree, but especially danish is difficult when reading and trying to understand the sounds behind the letters, mostly vowels.


I agree. We need to learn the alphabet first in this language to read just like Irish.


Yes. I agree. We all probably have a super heavy accent.

[deactivated user]

    I also agree. What I do is 'pick it up' as I go with a language.


    I feel like in the beginning of a course, before the first lesson, duolingo should have an alphabet lesson (like in Russian or Korean) that teaches you the alphabet of the target language. Of course, any person can go to a website or watch a few Easy Danish videos to get an idea of the alphabet or pronunciation within the language (this is what I did with my German), but it would just be more convenient. Also, I do totally recommend Easy Danish, Easy German, or any other Easy Languages videos: they really have helped me in my learning, and combined with Pimsleur (I would only recommend if you KNOW for sure what language you want to learn, for you must pay a small fee per month) and Duolingo, you could learn almost any language (within the confines of themselves, naturally)!


    yknow this is nothing against the creators but that en is really hard to hear. is this because the speech synthesizer is bad or is just omitted in the speech of the language?


    No this is just how they talk lol.

    Naoo this iz jost hau they tawk.

    See our pronunciation has no correlation to spelling either lol


    I got enticed by the lack of verb conjugation for person and number....and then I get trapped in silent letters...I hope they're not as random as in English! :)


    Not quite as random, there is a pattern to it, similar to French. If you want a more consistent spelling system, then Norwegian and Swedish are easier in this regard, plus they have the same lack of verb conjugations.


    I started with Danish because it sounds like the child of all of my ex-favorite languages (also I would need to learn a few languages by the time I move to Europe).


    Get ready to be frustrated with Danish pronunciation and all the missing letters. It's hell... The robot voice won't make it easier.


    At this point when this app gives name I pronounce words as a human would but names as a robot would


    The speech is correct, danish is HARD to learn! I'm glad I was born in Denmark ;-)


    I started learning Danish for the challenge(s)! Game On!


    Damn ! This language will not be easy...


    Is it just me who is thrown by a male voice saying 'I am a girl'?


    Why not "n" in the end?

    Pigen or pige?

    • Jeg er en pige. -> "I am a girl".
    • Jeg er pigen. -> "I am the girl".

    In Danish the definite article is suffixed; pigen is known as the definite form of the noun pige. En pigen it is not possible in Danish; that would be like to say *"A the girl" in English, what makes no sense.


    How does one exactly say this?


    Well to my best understanding, and if you want to say it fast: Ya ern peeyih


    Ya'uh'n peesh


    I'm glad I started on Swedish before starting this :D


    Why ? I want to learn danish but not swedish but if you think that learn swedish first really help just tell me


    It's pretty similar to this language, and since I'm a native English speaker, it is a pretty simple starting language.


    Norwegian is better to learn. It is very close of Danish. The Norwegian standard is very strongly inspired from Danish.


    I, too! Swedish and Danish have a lot in common! It is such a shame Sweden is closer to Norway than Denmark, they would make a great couple!


    This question is so easy: I am a girl: Jeg er en pige.


    So are verbs not conjugated in Danish at all? er seems to mean to be regardless of the pronoun or noun in front of it


    In Danish verb conjugation is even easier than in English: verbs are not conjugated at all according to person. Present tense of verb at være "to be" is always er:

    • Jeg er: "I am".
    • Du er:"You are".
    • Han/hun/den/det er: *He/she/it is".
    • Vi er: "We are".
    • I er: "You are" (plural).
    • De er: "They are".


    Hahaha this language is funny brød hahah


    The Dane teacher from my university says that Danish is a throat illness


    This language is a best but no easy word


    Why do i hear "pe e" ...

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