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  5. "Vi spiser en bøf."

"Vi spiser en bøf."

Translation:We are eating a steak.

August 26, 2014



Can bøf translate to beef as well as steak or is it specifically steak?


It is specifically steak


How do the danish distinguish "we are eating" and "we eat"? It looks to me like one can use "spiser" in both cases. Or not?


It can be exactly the same or if one is prone to overanalyze one could argue that: "We are eating" means "Vi er i færd med/gang med at spise" like in French "nous sommes en train de manger". "We eat" is a very general sentence, which can therefore take on a wider range of meanings. "Vi spiser", as in "We (actually) eat" as opposed to anything else. Or "We are eating" as in Why do you bother to ask. But to answer your question: You are right: one can use "spiser" in both cases.


Soon I will have to rewatch the film 'Der grønne slagtere' in danish :D


I don't understand why is the article 'a' required. Can someone please explain?


Because they had to share it, they could only afford one, after all beef is expensive;) "a" is required because they are actually stating the amount "en" of steak, they are eating. One could write. "Vi spiser bøf/bøffer" i.e. with no article: "We are eating/having steak(s)" or "Vi spiser bøffen/bøfferne": "We are eating the steak/steaks"


Because it is one steak.


I left out a for a steak and i got it wrong


Are eating or eat?


Beef is not interchangeable with steak. Beef depends on the cut of the meat as to its name. A steak is from the most tender part of the animal therefore tastier. Roast tend to come from the rump in the arms or legs. Hamburger is ground meat. And that's just the start. Some people eat cow tongue which one cooked and peeled makes a nice sandwich. The French eat brains. Or at least you can order them in a French restaurant. There are a lot of parts to a cow or bull. Veal is a baby animal. A small calf. It's supposed to be more tender but on that regard I can't bring myself to eat a small animal I want it to grow up first. If you want a hamburger soup in Denmark order frigadella it's quite tasty


It's probably a case of outdated translation. There once was an expression called "beefsteak", which is highly misleading. It does not identify the part of the cut of the beef, which just means that we are talking about meat from grown cows/bulls. It is no longer appropriate to use the word "bøf" in Danish as an identifier of anything in particular. It at least needs a qualifier as e.g. "Engelsk Bøf." Nowadays everything is sold with a bit more precision, but not entirely. For instance "En mørbradbøf" (mørbrad is the tenderloin, which is the most tender piece of the animal) can be pork as well as beef. Therefore there is a generally widespread practice (like in the rest of the world) of using specifics as in "svinemørbrad, oksemørbrad or lammemørbrad" i.e. "pork tenderloin, beef tenderloin or lamb tenderloin."

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