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  5. "Tá an pasta ar an bpláta."

" an pasta ar an bpláta."

Translation:The pasta is on the plate.

August 26, 2014



I accidentally read this as "Tá an páiste ar an bpláta." o_O


I did the exact same thing. :P


I typed "there is pasta on the plate" and it said it was wrong. However, on the sugar/pork one, I typed, the sugar is on the pork, but the correct answer was "there is sugar on the pork." Both Irish sentences are formatted the same way when offered. I reported this answer but I wonder if there's anything else I need to know.


This sentence includes the definite article, but the other doesn't. This causes the translation to be phrased differently.


Ah. Thank you! I'd think that that construction would be elaborated upon before being thrown at me though.


"Tá an cat ar an dtábla". Now I get why the quintessential English beginner's phrase only comes later in the Irish course. ;-)


Now I really want to translate that whole Eddie Izzard bit as Gaeilge! I need more Irish first, though.


I too said "there is pasta on the plate." Argh!


Ok, so I had this question in the first section of Eclipsis, but I wasn't able to access any of the discussions (reported to Duolingo).

I thought that the word order for sentences was [verb]+[object]+[subject]. So, if I wanted to say "the boy eats cake" it would be "itheann císte an buachaill." Have I missed something? It seems tat starting with the Eclipsis section, the syntax has become [verb]+[subject]+[object]. Or is this because we now have essentially prepositional phrases and they come last? I'm so confused...


Isn't the order mainly Verb Subject Object? I think you got that wrong!


I was confused, but I think it was because of the prepositional phrase. It made my brain go wonky! VSO makes sense now!


I always make the capitalised 'The' go second.


I thought plate was plata not bplata.. did I miss the lesson where all these extra letters came in?


You want the eclipsis lesson. Here are the eclipsis rules: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ga/Eclipsis


This is the first time I've been marked as wrong for using a contraction. I'm, they're, you're, it's, etc are always accepted but pasta's not accepted


Did you report it?


How would we say "the pasta is in the plate" then?


I don't know whether this sentence makes sense, but "in the" is written as "sa" (which is short for "i an" = "in the") in Irish, and "sa" reqires lenition of the following substantive, so the sentence would be:

"Tá an pasta sá phláta."


For once, a normal sentence XD


At least the pasta isn't in trouble. But if it was, I would have tried to save it. I love pasta.


why isn't it na pastaí? I feel like it should be multiple (sorry for my bad english) because usually pasta is not one big thing but a bunch of strands.


Pasta blasta


Every time I do "There is pasta..." instead of "The pasta is on..." I get it wrong. In my opinion, I'm saying the same thing. The hints say "there is" so what's going?

There is pasta on the plate. The pasta is on the plate.


"The pasta" uses a definite article, because you are taking about specific pasta. There is no definite article in "There is pasta" because you aren't talking about specific pasta.

The two sentences mean different things (in both Irish and English).

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