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Any tips for Danish pronunciation?

Goddag :) I really want to learn Danish, as it is one of my favorite languages (besides English, German, Swedish & Norwegian) but the pronunciation...well, it doesn't seem to follow any rules. I know what the letters should be, but without remembering how the TTS pronounces the word, I don't know how to say it. Does anybody here (mods, native speakers, other learners) have any tips to pronounce the words? Tak!

August 26, 2014



Well I would say our pronunciation is very logical, but since people don't agree and I currently do not have any resources that'll teach you about it, I'll instead direct your attention towards http://www.forvo.com/ where you can hear things pronounced. If you ever need to have a pronunciation verified you can always just ask on my stream or on the forum.


Any proof to support its logicalness? :)


Tak, bjarkehs :) I'll use that website when I need it. And again, thank you for the awesome course!


I am also new to the language, but one thing I have seen everyone agree with (even danes) is that nothing is pronounced as it looks like it should be.

A fun video: http://vimeo.com/45747333


If there is no pronunciation help of Danish, I might consider waiting for Swedish...Just kidding.


I attempted a post that should help a bit: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4287094 :)


I find that Danish pronunciation comes quite easy to me, and I think it's in part because my boyfriend is a Dane who was born and raised in Aalborg. So my suggestion is to try to find someone who speaks Danish who can tell you how to pronounce things and when you're not right. Or, if you can't find anyone, you could also listen to music, radio, or podcasts in Danish and that might help.

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