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Danish, Irish and Dutch for app.

Just wondering if anyone knew when the Duolingo app will be updated to cater for the new languages?

I hope its soon.. Its so good to be able to do it on the app, especially when im on the go.

Thanks in advance to any replies :)

August 26, 2014



According to the email I got from duolingo when Irish launched, Irish is supposed to be available on the mobile App. Though I'm pretty sure that's a mistake.

"Irish lessons are available for free on our website and our Android and iPhone apps, which were selected by Google and Apple as the best apps of 2013."


I am trying to open the app right now and it crashes... probably, because I started the course on pc, it does not open on the app yet! :)


I agree beta languages need to be in app


Can we get notified when this happens?


yeah, it causes my app to freeze when i try to open it in irish!


Yes, I can't even do French or Spanish since I started the Irish. The app just keeps crashing.


It would be great alright.


I'm guessing that they'll only end up in the app when they're out of beta. That way, the majority of the issues with the courses will have been ironed out.

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