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  5. "Drenge og piger."

"Drenge og piger."

Translation:Boys and girls.

August 26, 2014



The difference between pronunciations of pige and piger is so subtle.


And drenge / drengen and pige / pigen

This is SO confusing! I get why you add the endings and can use then, but hearing them is almost impossible


There's like a whole extra r! :D


Do you pronounce -er like /ɑ/?


I thought it was \ɐ.


It is, people just don't understand what you're trying to say.. This person wrote the sign for the (A) sound that You make at the end of the word. (the sign is supposed to show You how to pronounce the word, though most people don't know the sings xP )


No its ʀ, i think


Really? With pige I hear pee-yee, with piger I hear pee-yeh


Fine! I'm with you.. Now let's discuss dreng(e) Slow or normal it's dreng...


When words sound the same check forvo.com because the voice can be unreliable. Here's how drenge should sound http://www.forvo.com/word/drenge/#da


Dreng => Drenge Pige => Piger

So we just add 'e' for masculin and 'r' for feminine??


No, please read the Tips & Notes at the top of the lesson page.
Dreng has only one syllable and is a common noun and is regular so it gets 'e' at the end, as those usually do. If there were already an 'e', there would not be an additional 'e' added.

Pige is a multiple syllable noun that already ends in 'e' and gets 'r' added to it. If a multiple syllable noun does not end in 'e', then 'er' is usually added. Neuter nouns with one syllable usually don't get something added to it.

Here is a grammar reference that they are working on also: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4277767


ok, thanks for the answer


Someone needs to pronounce stuff here like they actually open their mouth. That extra 'R' is just not there.


Is because we don't really say the "r" it's more like "jr". If that makes any sens. But ther is a HUGE difference between how people pronounce it, depending on where thay are from.


I can't tell drenge from dreng, is it just an extra "uh" that I don't hear?


check the subtle difference between dreng and drengen at http://forvo.com/search/drengen/. It might be useful. dreng sounds like -ing at the end of the word, But drengen ,,, has "e-" sound at the last syllable.

[deactivated user]

    I thought "Drengen" was "the boy" and not "Boys" :/


    "Drengen" is "the boy", but here it says "drenge" which is "boys"


    In " Drenge og piger" it seems to me that the -e of drenge gets assimilated to the o- of og; so the only way you can tell drenge is plural is that there is no preceding en.


    This is tough. I couldn't even get this far without having completed the Swedish tree. Min svensk farfar warned me about Danish. I'm going to make a bowl of oatmeal now, and when I get to the next pronounciation exercise I'll have a mouthful of hot oatmeal! Kierkegaarde I have the reason for your pessimism.


    Love pronouncing Drenge and Drengen.


    I'm finding it difficult to hear the difference between 'dreng ' and 'drenge'. Is there a difference?


    What is the difference between drenge,drengen and dreng?


    drenge is "boys", drengen is "the boy" and dreng is "boy"


    I need a little help, I don't see the difference when its singular or plural.


    For dreng:
    en dreng = a boy
    drengen = the boy
    drenge = boys
    drengene = the boys

    For pige:
    en pige = a girl
    pigen = the girl
    piger = girls
    pigerne = the girls

    Hopefully this post will help more.


    Thank you so much♡


    "Pige" and "piger" both sound like "pee-yuh" it would seem.


    I dont get iy still help


    Im missed type boys and girls to boy and girl because i was typing to fast lol

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