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"I have not yet played with the other boys."

Translation:Jeg har endnu ikke spillet med de andre drenge.

August 26, 2014



It's impossible to know from the sentence whether "played" refers to "spillet" or "leget", so perhaps both solutions should be accepted?


Both are supposed to be accepted. If one is not then please add it. However sometimes only one is accepted because "spiller" is more as in a game of sports, and "leger" is with toys and such. But I guess you know that, but I will leave it here for other people seeing this sentence.


"leget" is not accepted. I'd love to add it, but I don't know how to do that. Good job on the course btw, and congratulations on getting to beta!


Whenever you enter a sentence that you feel should be accepted, then press "Report a problem" and pick "My sentence should be accepted" :)


Alright. I'll do that next time. Thanks :)


"Correct solution: Jeg har ikke endnu spillet med de andre drenge endnu." You can actually use endnu twice in a (danish) sentence?


No. It's incorrect, but sometimes we mess up when adding alternatives. This should now be corrected.


So what is the right position for "endnu"?


I think "jeg har endnu ikke spillet med de andre drenge" and "jeg har ikke spillet med de andre drenge endnu" are both correct (not sure though), and maaaybe also "jeg har ikke endnu spillet med de andre drenge" but probably not.


Tricky choices! Everyone seems to be hung up on the two different words for play but it is the word "de" that makes the one response the correct one. "Boys" is plural!

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