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I did the level placement test

I didn't get passed level 1. I find that embarrassing as I am Irish and have been learning the language for close to 10 years now. I know I can't really use this as an excuse but part of the reason for this is because the teachers in primary school hardly knew the language so didn't like or wanted to teach the language. The other reason is that from a young age we are somehow under the impression that Irish is pointless and that we should hate it. I am now going into 5th year and am doing ordinary level Irish. This is why I want to thank the creators of this course. I find it easier to learn when I teach myself. Now couple that with starting from the very basics I think I could do very well in Irish. I don't want to be part of the reason that the Irish language dies out so thank you so much for this opportunity to keep it alive.

August 26, 2014



I know how you feel. After eight hears of zirish, I tested out of one skill. The problem was I didn't have the best books or teachers. And of course I hated Irish up until tbe start of this year.


It's bad that we should hate it. Everybody goes on about how they hate the English for taking over our country but now that we have it back (most of it) people won't bother to learn the language they took from us but the language the gave us.


Personally I think this is the biggest problem with Irish learning. Given that you say you've been doing it for 10 years, I'm guessing you're a Junior Cert, but it was the exact same when I was there a little over 10 years ago, and my mother was the same 20 years previous.

This is why I'm really hoping that Irish slowly coming into pop-culture, things like TG Lurgan, Clisare and others, will make it seem cool and sexy to teenagers, and they'll start to actually want to learn it, as opposed to being forced to lear it. Because at the end of the day, it's not easy, and it takes effort and work on the part of the student, and no student will do that if they don't want to do it for themsleves. Now with Duolingo we have one more thing to hopefully get people interested in Irish.


The ingrained idea that students should hate certain subjects is so completely detrimental to the education system it's not even funny. Even if you go in wanting to learn something, and liking it, by the end of schooling your joy for whatever subject is oftentimes beaten out by sheer peer pressure. It saddens me, and disgusts me, and yet it is simply accepted as fact. Of course students hate "x," all students hate it. If you want to fit in you'll hate "x" too. That's one of the main reasons I am so very grateful for sites like Duolingo and Codecademy for simply existing. They embrace the idea that learning is a joy and we are all learning together, and you can go at your own speed, and nothing you ask is stupid, and it is just plain old fun. Now if I can just find a similar site for calculus I will be happy as a clam.


Is fearr gaeilge bhriste na bearla cliste. Irish lends us strength in a crisis, it is what makes Irish people Irish. When the economy forced my family to expatriate, I vowed to keep the language, to uphold my Irish heritage and not become a yank like so many before me. Without Irish this would not have been possible, without Irish, identity becomes a complex issue of doubt and fabrication.


In my primary school it was so much fun :C but I found secondary school so very different it was alright in 1st year but the second I hit Higher level in 2nd year it was all LEARN THIS OFF LEARN THATT OFF , I did T.y in 2012/13 and am doing my Lc this year, I want to do HL but Ive barely got ordinary level knowledge :(


It's the same with me. I ended up doing Ordinary level for the JC and I did alright but I've just finished TY and have forgotten everything now . When I go back to 5th year (which is tomorrow!!!!) I'll be so far behind it's funny. That's why I'm glad Duolingo have this course up


I learned Irish for 13 years in school it's about 11/12 years after the leaving cert, and I only know bits of it. I was never very good to begin with, I think the memorise this and that attitude completely put me off. What made it worse was that I was dyslexic and nobody knew, that coupled with my awful memory(part of the dyslexia) I just don't have a clue. I started the placement test but completely chickened out after the first three question. I knew some words but no way could I get the spelling.

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