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Can we get speaking practice, too, please? :)

I am trying to pronounce the sentences as I go, but I feel like it would be so helpful if Duo evaluated whether I say it correctly -- you know, I am kind of biased towards myself.

Technical details: Do you know if internally Duolingo uses Voice recognition, or comparing TTS engine output to user voice? If it is the former, is there any (good?) Danish voice recognition solutions out there? If it is the latter, then it is just a switch to enable this feature, since we already have a great TTS engine, right?

August 26, 2014



I am not sure Danish will have this feature. The Dutch course does not, and I've heard of other courses which have graduated and still do not have voice recognition.


I've noticed some voice recognition exercises in the dutch course today. Not sure if it was a test or being rolled out or not.


Hmm, that sounds very promising!


Quoting BenedictSpring from another forum topic:

"Apparently, it's an A/B testing feature. They're also testing it for Portuguese. I tried it earlier, but it couldn't pick up what I was saying."

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