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  5. "Må jeg bede om dit nummer?"

" jeg bede om dit nummer?"

Translation:May I ask for your number?

August 26, 2014



Danish native speaker: The stress is totally wrong


Not a native speaker, but the sentence sounds to me like a comment to "Han gav mig ikke sit nummer, (må jeg bede om DIT nummer?)". Is the stress correct even in that case?


We can't fix this atm :(


How about after 5 years?


Tbh the stress on about half of all sentences is wrong I think? Freely/cheaply available text-to-speech engines simply aren't advanced enough to get the stress right I think. It's just something we have to live with.


I got this sentence with both voices, it is the same stress in both of them. It is surprising that the mistake is repeated.


Could I say "may I ask your number". Maybe it's just that we abbreviate everything over here but "for" sounds a bit redundant


No, you can't omit "for," since that sounds like you are talking to the number. You ask somebody for something.

(There are a few special cases where this rule doesn't apply, though not too many spring to mind. For example, you can ask forgiveness -- though you can also ask for forgiveness. But you can't ask tolerance; there the "for" is required.)


dit?? er det ikke deres i dette tilfælde??


Jeg tror at "Deres" er meget mere høfligt og formalt en "dit", her.


Why not "Deres" in this particular lesson?


"Deres" is very formal. You will typically only use it for royalty, the elderly, your boss or your teacher.


but wasn't that the point of this lesson to teach people that? it is not really consistent with the other sentences in the lesson.


Your teacher? That would have been a long time ago. By the 1970s, it was even standard in Denmark for schoolchildren to address their teachers by their first names.


could this also be, ' may I beg' as well as 'may I ask'?


The girl looks quite excited when I answer. Wonder why...

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