please help!

i was lucky to even get this far but my problem may seem rather odd

i went on the duolingo app and everything is in dutch! i go on the website and BAM!! everything is in dutch i i dont have the slightest clue why!! i was lucky to find the new discussion button and if im posting this to the right place, i hope i am, then you all are luck to see this! i dont know what happened but as you can see, i am a native English speaker, i was born and raised in america. i was level 1 in danish, level 6 in German, and level 5 in Spanish.

someone PLEASE help me fix this!!

August 26, 2014

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To fix it on the website, click your profile picture on the top bar. There should be a little white menu, click the third option down. There should be more options on the right, click the second one down. Then hit the button that says Ik wil Engels leren, and change it to I want to learn Spanish, French, ... My guess as to how this happened is that you were learning Danish on the website, then went into the app. Since Danish is not supported on the app, it gave you the course on the top of the options list, English for Dutch speakers. Then the website matched the app.

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