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  5. "Hvad laver De her, frøken?"

"Hvad laver De her, frøken?"

Translation:What are you doing here, Miss?

August 26, 2014



"laver" is totally wrong pronounced - just so you know it :D

Source: Native Danish speaker


Are you serious?! This pronunciation is in every single lesson, starting from #1!


Here the "a" is different. I believe it should be pronounced as "laywer" rather than "lawer." Correct me if I am wrong.


My Danish girlfriend said the same thing...it drives her nuts.


The 'hover-over' pronunciation is different. Is it correct?


It's closer, yes :)


What?! It's wrong? I knew my auntie wasn't Danish. Wait, I'm gonna go kick her out of the country real quick. Brb.


Thank you so much for your input. I looked it up and everyone can HEAR 6 of NATIVE DANES PRONOUNCE IT HERE :) on a magnificent site called FORVO:


Press the Link Above to hear the pronunciation by native Danes. You can also listen to native speakers speak native speakers say other words you want to hear, in Danish, and a ton of other languages. I great tool. Again, thank you for mentioning this as I wouldn't have known I needed to check the pronunciation if you hadn't have mentioned it.


Can you give an example of the correct pronunciation, please?


The whole course is full of bad pronunciation and incorrect translations. I'm Danish and wanted my English speaking children to use it as a tool to help them learn to speak Danish. This course is DEFINITELY not it. Sad really, because other courses in this app are far better. Good app, simply just one bad course.


The a in 'laver' should be pronounced as the 'a' in 'back'. and hold the 'v' a little longer.


Two questions:

First, do the Danes still use "Miss" under normal circumstances? (For example, in Germany "Miss", i.e. Fräulein, is not much used anymore; at best it is tolerated, e.g. when an 80-year-old man says it to a twenty-year-old unmarried woman, she probably won't kick up a fuss.)

Two: As in German, the formal "you" is the third person plural. Do Danes, however, make the same distinction that the Germans make when addressing royalty, i.e. switch to the second person plural (i.e. Eure Majestät)?

  1. No, in Danish you must say "Deres Majestæt".
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