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  5. "An dath donn."

"An dath donn."

Translation:The colour brown.

August 26, 2014



Just to note, the word "donn" covers a slightly different part of the colour spectrum than the English word "brown". It can include dark/burnt yellow colours.


Could 'donn' be pronounced 'dunn' as well? That's how I was always taught. The way this is pronounced ('down') suggests 'domhan' to me.


Yes, that's how it is pr. in Ulster


Maybe you be hearing the [ɤ] sound of the broad consonant, /dɤɒnɤ/ i guess.


Pronunciation strange for anyone else?


In Donegal Irish, donn is pronounced differently so this would sound strange if you're used to that pronunciation.


I don't understand the logic why donn is pronounced like the English word 'down' here.


I notice that I was marked right for "the brown color", but that "the color brown" is also accepted. To me, these are two different sentences (the first referring to a specific color that happens to be a type of brown, and the second referring to the general category of colors that can all be classified as browns).

How would one distinguish between these meanings in Gaelige?


I think you would stress the important word to change the meaning. An DATH donn = the COLOUR brown and An dath DONN =the BROWN colour.


Donegal accent takes getting used to. I heard somthing like "daa" (like english baa(-baa black sheep)), so had to work out "dath" (likemenglish "dot" without the "t") from context.


I'm from a gaeltacht in Donegal, and we'd say, (using English transliteration here to get the sound approx sound right) "An dha dhunn", with the "dha" short and emphasised a little.


It's worth listening to the wide variety of pronunciations recorded on teanglann.ie for the phrases dath, dath béil, dath craicinn, and dath nádúrtha.

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