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Hearing the differences

I am REALLY struggling to hear the different endings of words

Vand /vandet brod / brodet dreng / drengen / drenge pige / pigen / piger

Is there some tip to this? Just saying context doesn't help as sentences can make sense in different ways

I drink water / I drink the water I like boys / I like the boy etc

August 26, 2014



Hm. Maybe you are listening for a hard t at the end? -et at the end of a word is very often pronounced with a soft d sound. Think of English th in bath but possibly even subtler. Can you hear it if you try to listen for that sound, instead? E.g. [vandeth].

After another soft d (such as in brød) it is hardened to a hard d and becomes something like [brøthd]. If the word is emphasized, everything is pronounced more clearly.

As for the ones with -en, there's a general tendency to compact the e away in the end of words, such that drengen is pronounced [drengn], pigen [pign], etc. This depends on how slacky the particular speaker is about his language though :)

[deactivated user]

    Thanks for the tips, I'll listen out for it during the course because I can't distinguish ANY endings or the 'o' with a line through it. It sounds like she's sticking her tongue out in the middle of saying the words with that letter. Maybe its because Danish is new and I've never listened to it spoke before.


    Probably :) There a lot of vowel sounds. Did you check out my write-up on the Danish alphabet and sounds? There's some links to youtube videos of a guy going through the sounds :)

    [deactivated user]

      I didn't at first but I did check it out. Those vids make is so much easier. BTW I don't want you to think I was insulting you or your language when I said how the 'o' with a line through to me. I'm really glad that y'all made this course :) it's hard to find comprehensive materials for some languages.

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