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  5. "Ithim siúcra."

"Ithim siúcra."

Translation:I eat sugar.

August 26, 2014



No too much too often I hope, otherwise, well diabetes


My answer, "I eat some sugar," was marked wrong. It is not clear to me why. With countable nouns, the lesson has been making clear that the indefinite article "a" should be considered, so I don't understand why it would not be considered for uncountable nouns such as sugar.


"some" is not an indefinite article.


Thanks, but that doesn't really answer my question. Since the question asked to translate to English, "I eat some sugar" would be a natural way of saying it. Why is it wrong?


It's wrong because Ithim siúcra doesn't mean "I eat some sugar", so the fact that "I eat some sugar" would be a natural way of saying "I eat some sugar" is neither here nor there - it's not a natural way to say "I eat sugar".

If you don't understand the difference between "I eat some sugar" and "I eat sugar" in English, then explaining why Ithim siúcra doesn't mean "I eat some sugar" is going to be difficult, but I can point out that Ithim roinnt siúcra or Ithim cuid siúcra is how you would say "I eat some sugar" in Irish.

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