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  5. "Tá do phéitseoga aici."

" do phéitseoga aici."

Translation:She has your peaches.

August 26, 2014



Why does it have to be plural? Wouldn't "tá do phéitseog aici" also be grammatically correct?


If you're being asked to translate 'she has your peaches' then you have to write 'péitseoga' because the original sentence said 'peaches', not 'peach'.


If you're doing the multiple choice, "phéitseog" wasn't an option, only "péitseog", and I think how it works is that the "do" requires lenition afterwards.


If you're doing the multiple choice, you aren't necessarily seeing the same choices that other people are seeing.

Don't make assumptions about someone else's multiple choice questions. Unless someone posts a screenshot, you're just guessing about what really happened.


How many more peach questions ar their gonna be...


As many as it takes for you to get used to using the séimhiú properly.


Can someone explain why "Tá do phéitseog aici" is incorrect? Edit: I figured out that "péitseoga" is the plural. Man, I must have been tired...


Should be "Tá do phéitseoga aici"


How does the adding an "h" work???


Check out the notes for the "Lenition" section. It's a pain to learn, to be honest.


I'm on a mobile device, how do you read the notes?


Login to the website on your phone. When you select a skill, click on the light bulb icon to read the Tips & Notes. You can switch back to the app to do the exercises.


I'll know I've gotten good at Irish when I can say, "I really like your peaches, want to shake your tree."


The exercise prompt is "Select the missing word." The sentence with the missing word is "Tá do ___ aici." The choices are. "péitseog," "pheitseoga," and "péitseoga." What is the correct answer, and why are the other answers wrong?


Singular possessive adjectives cause lenition.

I'm deliberately not answering your question directly, but providing the information that will help you to answer it for yourself.


It is lenited because of do I understand now...


I don't understand the rules for the 4 different ways to spell peach


There is only one way to spell "peach" in Irish. Just as "peach" becomes "Peach" in certain circumstances, péitseog can become pheitseog in certain circumstances, but that isn't a different way to spell péitseog, any more than "Peach" is a different way to spell "peach".

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