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"Jeg drikker en øl og spiser en bøf."

Translation:I am drinking a beer and eating a steak.

August 26, 2014



The manliest sentence on Duolingo.


ron swanson approved. it would almost make europe seem visitable to him.


I wrote "I drink a beer and eat beef," and it said that I need to write "I drink a beer and eat a beef." Should it have accepted my answer? It seems that "bøf" also means "steak," so perhaps I should have written "...eat a steak," yet from the clues it gave me, beef is a common translation, and "...eat beef" (no article) should be an acceptable translation. At least, from my logic. Any native Danish speakers wanna help me out?


I'm under the impression (I'm not Danish) that despite the similarity to beef, the word actually means "steak". Of course "a beef" doesn't make sense.


+1. I also wrote beef, but it was not accepted.


Am I right in saying that "en bøf" only means "a steak" and you'd use something akin to "cow meat" to mean actual beef? Because steak does not equal all beef.


It means "a steak", yes. However, most times it will refer to beef. But it can also be used in ways such as "kyllingebøffer", which means "chicken steaks".


Good to know! Here we just say "steak" if we mean an actual steak and beef for everything else. I hate eating both so I'm sure I won't need to say it too often haha.


Must be an Aussie.


Steak and beer, it could be most beautiful food mix on all around europe. :D


I wrote "eat steak" but i guess thats wrong???????


It says "spiser en bøf" which is "eat a steak".

You just forgot the "en" (a) when translating


My mind always wants to translate øl as oil even though I remember pretty fast it is beer I still gagged at the thought of drinking oil


You're not alone, I drank an owl.


My Danish mother insists that the word bøf is actually more like a beef burger (sans the bread etc), made from minced beef and there is a different word for steak (which sounded like steak over the phone, sorry didn't get the spelling). Is she right?

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