"Jeg er ikke et syngende bord."

Translation:I am not a singing table.

August 26, 2014

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Does this mean something?


There is a 'syngende bord' in one of H.C. Andersen's novels, called O.T. Don't know if that's the origin.


Any chance this is related to a "sounding board", in the figurative sense? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sounding_board Can a native speaker comment on this? Apparently it is called a lydhimmel in Danish.

Edited 1 year later to add: it is definitely not related to sounding-board. In addition, duolingo has said that they deliberately use “unusual” sentences as they can be more memorable for many language learners. They’re not useful in a semantic sense but they’re designed to make the correct grammar stick in your mind


I have not read the novel, but AFAIK the main character in H. C. Andersen's novel O.T. started treating his table as a singing companion when he was drunk. This sentence is only a reference to that table.


Smukke og det <Beast> snakker bord?


... som på dansk hedder: Skønheden og udyret

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