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Dear team Irish (or anyone that knows the answer)

I am really LOVING the Irish course and I actually use the Tips and Notes and they're super useful but would it be possible to get a PDF version so we may print them out. Thanks to whoever ;-) (still don't know how to say thank you in Irish... Just finished Basics 2 *don't laugh...)

Edit: I learned thank you thanks to leabia98

August 26, 2014



Sure! Give us a few days and we will post a link in the Irish Portal!


Yay! Thank you so much! ^_^


I don't know the answer but thank you in Irish is "Go raibh maith agat" :)


Ok , go raibh maith agat! ;-)


Tá fáilte romhat :-)


Still didn't do Phrases yet... Is it you're welcome?


yay I'm smart! (says Patrick)


Ádh mór ag foghlaim na teanga


Hi everyone!

I'm sorry to say that "Tá fáilte romhat" (refering to the singular form of you) doesn't feel like the most appropiate form in Irish. It's but the English translation form of "You're welcome". As I'm spaniard I guess that this point is far easier to understand to me for both Spanish and Irish have a similar structure.

I believe you should use "Go ndéanaidh a mhaith duit" instead of "Tá fáilte romhat". So: Go raibh maith agat! - go ndéanaidh a mhaith duit. I guess that a shallow transtation into English may well be something like: that it was good to you! - that it would make good to you!

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