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  5. Help! I lost my password!


Help! I lost my password!

Help! I lost my password to my other account (Sir_Eisenheimad)!

August 26, 2014



Did you sign in under the new name? It should be the same password, unless you already reset it. :)


Yes, the new name, but it says it's incorrect!


You should move this to Troubleshooting. :) As for your account, did you have it under the same email as this one? I don't see why that would happen, considering it doesn't allow that for me. Can you reset the password from that email?


Yes, 2 account, 1 email. Okay I think I know what to do because I have another device signed into my other account so I could change the email to a new email I just created, go to forgot password and continue from there.


That doesn't seem right at all. You shouldn't have been able to have two accounts with only one email. I suggest you contact Duolingo Support and ask them for further help with this.

[deactivated user]

    Click on the login button (assuming you already logged out of this account), click forgot password, and then enter your email address. Check your email, and you'll see that Duolingo has sent you instructions to reset your password.


    But it redirects me to this account!


    i also forgot my password but i still don't know how to reset it


    Can you help me reset my user name and password please?

    felixaugharainey@ gmail.com

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