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Irish, I understand you better than any other language I have learnt!

Hey everyone! Dia duit!

So seeing Irish words for the first time made me think that it must be really difficult, but I can relate it to Hindi, and that somewhat makes it easier to learn Irish! I don't know why how I can relate it to Hindi (It's sentence formation is Subject-Object-Verb), but it just makes it easier. And I can just learn the words easily!

Once again thanks a LOT!! This course is just awesome!!

<h1>A little thank you gift!! :)</h1>


August 26, 2014



Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Good luck in the rest of the course! And that is an amazing drawing!


Comhghairdeas! I am finding it pretty awesome as well. :) You are an amazing artist, Aadit. That owl is absolutely perfect!


Same here! The spelling and pronunciation are a bit challenging, but at least the word order is also similar to what we often use in Tagalog---VSO! (Though in Tagalog the word order can be SVO, SOV, VSO, VOS...).


So there is freedom of placing words like in Russian? It must be easy!


This is awesome!

  1. The owl is truly awesome.
  2. I read somewhere (it was a fiction book, so I'll not quote it here...;-) ) That there was a Sanskrit connection to the formation of Irish...now I'll have to look it up in serious non-fictiony-type books!

  1. Thanks!

  2. Wow! I knew it!!


Irish and Hindi are both part of what is called the Indo-European language family. Clue's in the name, Sanskrit and Irish (and lots of other languages) share a common ancestor. So understanding Saskrit/its 'derivative' of Hindi, does indeed make it easier to understand Irish! Wiki will provide you with a lot more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-European_languages


You hand drew that picture?


That's really cool!


I know a lot of people have already commented this, but seriously, that owl is awesome.


nice pic, I'm just startin and finding it a little different but fun


That owl is flawless. Amazing work!

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