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"Cén fáth?"


August 26, 2014




"Cad and céard are equivalents. Cén is used before nouns. So cén fath really means what reason."


Who = cé, cé an duine (literally who is the person)

What = cé, ceard (short for cé an rud, I think), cad, cad é (also written caidé or goidé)

When = cén uair/lá/am, etc., cathain

Where = cá háit, cén áit

How = cén chaoi (literally cé an chaoi, what is the way), conas

Why = cén fáth (literally cé an fáth, what is the reason)


Oh man, this is gonna be so helpful. Thanks a lot!


Thank you! I remember practicing these words on memrise but I thought there must've been some mistake since they would mean different things :p


A general question: Is there a standard written Irish? I assume that people learning it as a second language use a standard but what about native speakers?


Yes, this course actually uses the official standard. Native or second language learners in Ireland all use the same standard. I am unaware of semi-offical or "dialect written standards". So all 3 dialects should use the exact same written, and people in school learning through Irish all use the one standard.

It's called "An Caighdeán Oifigiúil".. https://data.oireachtas.ie/ie/oireachtas/caighdeanOifigiul/2017/2017-08-03_an-caighdean-oifigiuil-2017_en.pdf

be warned its 218 pages of examples and rules, and the day you actually understand the whole lot of it, is the day youre as fluent as they come.


Why is "what reason" considered incorrect? Isn't that a more direct translation of "cén fáth"?


It's a literal translation, yes. But cén fáth has come to idiomatically mean 'why', so the latter is the best solution.


Same problem here


Couldn't this also mean "what for?"


I answered the question with why but i came back as error

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