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Please fix bug in immersion

I know it's been mentioned before, but some jerks are going around either putting in one word as a translation for one sentence or else just copy and pasting the sentence in the original language as the translation. Is there a way to prevent this automatically?

May 24, 2013



I talk to them directly, going to their Stream and "politely" explaining that making points in the wrong way bothers everybody. Then, they find out they can't act anonymously. Then they stop, some have even apologized. So far 100% successful. Again: a bit of patience and things move.


I'm glad that that's been working- I just found a user who I've been cleaning up after and I hope that they stop soon... I don't understand why they've been thinking that one word equals a whole sentence! :<

I asked them about it- I hope maybe they were just confused or tired while translating and that they're not cheating to get points they shouldn't be earning.

Thanks for helping with this!~


You are a class act, Sitesurf. <3


Looking into this! Have you been reporting the articles by using the 'report article' button on the right hand side?


Would be nice if duo could reset all translations by these people in one sweep. (And take away their points!) It's quite tedious to go over all the articles one by one to remove the garbage.


A better way would be to block them. They can still do their "translations", and they still get assigned "points", but anything they do is meaningless as it can't be seen by anyone but them. They essentially don't exist. (I know this is the case for some users already regarding posting). That way, a year from now when they try to show their friends how impressive their "score" is in French, their "friends" will all be like..."What? You don't even exist. Liar." Then they would realize how much time they wasted trying to look like they learned a language (instead of actually learning it) and feel sad and pathetic. I believe the term I'm looking for is "Schadenfreude". :)


Anything that keeps them from vandalising the translation section is fine for me ;-)


That is a brilliant idea! I belive that a few examples of this are/were hashtagthefalcon and hashtagtomatoes , for a while I was going to their page and seeing what all they "translated" and then going to fix it and soon sitesurf started doing it as well but now if you go to look for either of their profiles you can't find them.


okay, I tried, but it only gives me the following options: 1) Violent, sexual, or other inappropriate content. or 2) Copyright violation. Since neither applies, it would be nice to have a third option. Thank you so much for looking into this!


No, because I thought the "report article" button would have to do with the entire article being wrong in some way... I've been using the "looks wrong" button for each sentence- often these things are buried inside otherwise well-translated articles, one sentence at a time. Should we use the "report article" button then? I'll try it if it gives me an opportunity to explain what's going on.


The "report article" button is for reporting any abuse you find in the article. What are the other cases you're finding?


If it's a user who is abusing the coin system then please send their username and a short explanation to us at abuse@duolingo.com. We're working on a better way to handle these reports. Thanks!


Thank you so much! I've been seeing less of it, but if I see it again I'll try it

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