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Couple of possible bugs

I am using Firefox 31.0 on win 7

Most of the time I have to select the picture twice in order to hear the sound.

I don't know if that is a problem with my internet connection or it's a bug.

There are missing words in the vocabulary (Words) but they are still shown in review flashcards.

  • Missing words: sí, no, favor, nada, siento, perdón (they are all from Common Phrases > lesson 2 )

New word (maestras) wasn't marked as such.

August 26, 2014



Odd, maestra should be introduced in lesson 1 of Occupations. What skill are you doing and have you tested out of any of the checkpoints?


If I recall correctly I was doing "Plurals". No, I haven't tested out any of the checkpoints.


Very odd, if you have the words tab you may be able to see if it is in your known words but how it got there i have no idea. Perhaps you should report using the support tab.

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