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  5. "I drikker en mands saft."

"I drikker en mands saft."

Translation:You drink a man's juice.

August 26, 2014



So is "I" used for formal use and "du" for casual or do I have them switched by accident?


The "I" is the "you" in plural. Example: "You all out there.". "Du" is the singular alternative.


And formal is "De" (same as "they"). But unless you're a shop assistant or talking to the queen you won't really need it, except perhaps to recognise it from said shop assistants or some signs.


Lots of stealing in this lesson


I was puzzlrd because I heard & wrote "Y drikker" instead of "I drikker" and the app accepted it.

[deactivated user]

    What is the difference between 'du' and 'i'?


    What is the difference between 'du' and 'i'?

    Singular versus plural -- talking to one person vs. talking to several people at once.

    Also, the Danish pronoun I "you (plural); y'all" is always capitalised (like the English pronoun "I").

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