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  5. "I eat on your plate."

"I eat on your plate."

Translation:Ithim ar do phláta.

August 26, 2014



bpláta not acceptable here. Why?


Unfortunately this is in the wrong section, the noun is lenited rather than eclipsed when following 'do' and other possessive pronouns. This has good info on eclipsis and lenition http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_initial_mutations


You have to lenite (add an h and change the sound) after mo, do, a (his). Pláta becomes phláta (flawtuh)


Possibly the exercise does belong in this section. It made me realize that eclipsis does not follow a preposition + a possessive, but only a preposition plus an article. When the possessive comes in, apparently it triggers lenition even though there is a preposition before it.


I don't think "bhur" was officially introduced in the lesson yet but I got it from the tips & notes. So because this sentence is in the eclipsis lesson I thought it must be "ithim ar bhur bpláta". (Not that it makes a lot of sense but there are many things on Duo that make no sense... ^^) But it was not accepted. Might be that I made some other mistake, and it wasn't right now but a couple of minutes ago, so I couldn't report it anyway. But I need to know!!! Would this (what I wrote) be right too?


And only the singular article.

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