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  5. "Heeft mijn auto een geweten?"

"Heeft mijn auto een geweten?"

Translation:Does my car have a conscience?

August 26, 2014



Herbie reference?


Or the Twilight Zone?


Maybe a self-driving car will have to have one if it is forced to decide what to crash into...?


That is if you consider algorithms and risk assessment to be a conscience. :)


It is possible that these algorithms will have to be so complex in order to work properly, that a conscience will rise from them. Or in other words, a proper self-driving car will have to be conscious.


Especially if they are developed and modified by neural network software, where the eventual outcome cannot be traced back to the beginning.


There is an awesome Asimov story about robotic cars called "Sally". Highly recommended. A bit spooky.


Is geweten really conscience or consciousness?

  • Conscience - Geweten (note: this is also the past participle of the verb "to know": weten)
  • Consciousness - Bewustzijn (literally: awareness)
  • Unconscious - Bewusteloos (literally: awarenessless) ;)
  • Realization - Besef (verb: beseffen)


  • Hij heeft een slecht geweten - He has a bad conscience.
  • Hij is weer bij bewustzijn - Literally: he is with awareness again - He regained consciousness.
  • Hij sloeg hem bewusteloos - He knocked (hit) him unconscious.
  • Hij besefte niet dat het belangrijk was - He didn't realize it was important.

Hope that helped! :)


Thank you! So this means geweten is the wrong word here, if referring to Herbie? Unless his geweten tells him not to run over people and to always use a good fabric softener? https://youtu.be/lyh9fb9mEKQ


Het geweten van een VW zit in een cloud boven Wolfsburg.

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