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"Ithimid an stéig agus ólaimid uisce."

Translation:We eat the steak and we drink water.

August 26, 2014



How about: "We eat the steak and drink water" ?


According to Wikipedia, the 1st person plural pronoun (i.e. "we"/"us") is "not used in the standard language, but is very common in western and northern dialects. The standard and southern dialects have no subject pronoun in the 1st person plural but...[only] verb endings instead."

I also thought that answer should work but maybe this is why it's not being accepted

(source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_grammar#Conjunctive_forms)


Maybe. I was more surprised because my answer was exactly the same as the given translation except that I used one less "we," so instead of "We eat the steak and we drink water," I wrote "We eat the steak and drink water" without using it a second time, but there may be another internal issue afoot. :-/ We shall see! :)


The second "We" is not necessary for the translation, even though it is the literal translation. Seems like unnecessary penalization for something the user likely understands.

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