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  5. "Drikker de teen?"

"Drikker de teen?"

Translation:Are they drinking the tea?

August 26, 2014



Is it just me or is the "t" in "teen" not very clear in the audio? It sounds more like a "ts" sound.


I live in Denmark and am studying Danish and linguistics here. I'm fairly certain that what you guys are getting thrown off by is the stød in the "te" sound. To someone who isn't used to hearing Danish, the stød, or the glottal stop, can potentially distort the way you hear the "t". As I mentioned previously, this phenomenon is stronger in the Copenhagen accent. I personally hear the "t" aspirated perfectly clear.


can this not be "do they drink the tea?"


That's an accepted translation.


I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling to understand the spoken part. I kept listening to it slowed down and still would have sworn she was saying "drengen" for drikker and something about Satan for the last part!


What makes the -e in -en not disappear here?


To preserve pronunciation. There are two syllables in "teen", although it's probably not clear from the audio.

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