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  5. "It is gezellig here."

"It is gezellig here."

Translation:Het is hier gezellig.

August 26, 2014



It is gezellig here???? Gezellig is not an English word


But it should be.


"Gezellig" is not an English word and this sentence is completely incomprehensible to students. For that reason, the team will have to come up with some approximation of the meaning or otherwise remove the word from the course.


Yes, my response was not very serious. I have removed "gezellig" from the English -> Dutch exercises.


The closest English translation is 'cosy'. Grezellig is a huge word in Dutch culture, meaning many things. The main one (in my opinion) is when something is 'grezellig', cozy, enjoyable, with good friends etc. Here's something on it: http://www.dutchamsterdam.nl/155-gezellig

I think it's quite important that this is in the Duolingo course since it is such a major word in Dutch culture.

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