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"Ólann bainne agus ólaim uisce."

Translation:You drink milk and I drink water.

August 26, 2014



Are there any tips for the difference of pronouciation between ólann and ólaim? Maybe my speakers are bad, but right now both words sound exactly the same to me.


I'd have to recommend getting some good quality headphones, there is a distinct difference in the recording for me. The pronunciation is as expected: Same initial sound of ól with one ending in an 'im' sound (ól - im) and one in an 'an' sound (ól - an).


Took me a few tries even with your tip in mind, but I think I can finally hear it (sorta - it's still really subtle for me).


On another one uts flipped around. Ólaim uisce agus ólann sibh bainne. Why tú and sibh is used in either one, and why if i use it the other eay around its not excepted


I believe tú is only talking to one person, while sibh is talking to a group of 2 or more.


Tú is you(singular) and sibh is you(plural)

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