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  5. "He reads."

"He reads."

Translation:Léann sé.

August 26, 2014



How do I know what the root of the verb ends? For example, using léigh (to read), there are 2 vowels, é and i, both are slender, but how do I know to tag the ending after é and not i?


I think you decide based off the last vowel.


é is male í is female but I dont really understand what you mean


I live in the States is there a way I can start using accents over vowels?


Are you using Duolingo on a phone/tablet or laptop/PC?

If you are using a laptop/PC, what operating system do you use?


Right now I am on an Android phone but could be on Windows 10, Chrome.


On an Android phone, long-press on the vowel (press and hold for a second).

On a Windows 10 PC, click Start, type "Language Settings". Click on your default language and then click on Options. You now have the option to Add a Keyboard. Some people prefer to use the US International Keyboard (press the apostrophe key, then your vowel to get the fada. That can be a hassle if you use the apostrophe a lot), some people prefer to install the Irish Qwerty keyboard (use the Alt-Gr key to get the vowel with a fada, but the @ and " keys are swapped). You can swap between the keyboards by pressing the Windows key and the space bar at the same time).


Thanks so much, I tried it on my phone and it works. Very happy but much harder trying to remember the placements. But I am grateful for the chance. Will try it out on the computer later. Thanks again- Show quoted

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