"Tá piobar agus salann aige."

Translation:He has pepper and salt.

August 26, 2014

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I answered "He has salt and pepper," which was marked wrong. I understand that it's not the same order, but it's the same meaning.


I think the question is about how Irish collocates this. In English, "salt and pepper" is much more common than "pepper and salt"; if Irish tends to render it as "piobar agus salann" rather than "salann agus piobar," I'd agree with you that the English translation should be "salt and pepper" (unmarked collocation from one language rendered as the unmarked in the other language).


Maybe they want everything in order.


I keep getting stung for the same thing, must be a mental tick. Did boys and girls as girls and boys etc also.


I did the same thing, like 3 times in a row... I'm just not used to saying "pepper and salt". I get it, exact order is correctly translated, but dang, i just want to get it right...lol.


I would think it doesn't accept "salt and pepper" because we're still in the vocabulary phase of language learning and Duo wants to make sure we know which word means which. Just a thought!


I just try to be as literal as possible


I thought we were talking about the vegetable - such as bell pepper - so I said "a pepper" which was marked wrong. How would one say THAT type of pepper in Irish?


I wrote "He has pepper and salt" and got marked wrong with it being corrected to "He has got pepper and salt" which makes no sense since this is before the past tense lesson.


Are you using Duolingo in a web browser, or are you using one of the various apps on a phone or tablet. Do you have a screenshot of the response?

The default translation for this exercise is "He has pepper and salt", so there isn't any reason why that should have been marked wrong. A couple of people have complained about being marked for correct answers recently, but nobody has clarified under what circumstances this happened, or provided any more details.


I was marked wrong "He has a pepper and salt"


this is incorrect grammar. It should be he has the salt and the pepper. not he has got the pepper and salt.


It is "He has pepper and salt". There are no definite articles in the Irish sentence.


i wrote "he has a pepper and salt". i thought piobar was both pepper (seasoning) and a pepper (vegetable)? are there different words for them?

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