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"Ithim an ubh agus ólaim an uisce."

Translation:I eat the egg and I drink the water.

August 26, 2014



I know that "I eat the egg and I drink the water" is technically the correct translation, but surely "I eat the egg and drink the water" is more natural in English? Including the second 'I' is very jarring, and sounds odd. Go raibh míle. :)


Appears to be fixed now, it worked fine for me with that phrasing.


"I eat the egg and drink water" was marked as incorrect. There have been examples in previous lessons where such an answer is marked as correct.


"an" is the definite article so it has to be "the water". If that's marked correct elsewhere it's a mistake and should be reported.


If I didn't know she was trying to say "I eat the egg..." I would've put ull. It sounds like that's what she's saying

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